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.....”there is only one thing ugly about this baby….his bum!”….

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Nappy Rash

My babies have thankfully left this stage behind so to try out the new Relizema Relife Spray & Go I had to employ the services of an expert. Fourteen month old Oisin is a beautiful, happy, gurgley, wonder. There is only one thing ugly about this baby….his bum! Oisin is plagued with nappy rash.

One in two babies will be affected by this, it’s a bright red rash, that can be spotted, raw and even bleeding. The causes are wide and varied and some babies are just more prone to it than others. Sensitive skin is a large contributing factor, babies digestive system, diet and yeast infections.

How do you treat it?

Change dirty nappies immediately – the mixture of pee and poop worsens the rash and judging from Oisin’s cries the pain is the equivalent of pouring salt on an open wound!

Clean the area thoroughly – Even the gentlest wipes can sting. When things are particularly bad, I have opted for a damp towel and dabbed lightly. On the go use Water Wipes (€2.40 a pack – Ashdown Pharmacy).

Dry the area – moisture is the enemy.

Diet – Cut down acidic foods when a rash is bad.

Sometimes it’s the healthiest foods, so this step is just temporary, but citrus fruits, strawberries and tomato-based sauces can irritate a baby’s bottom when they exit the digestive system.

Powders & Sprays – The amazing thing about the products on the market is that they nearly all work but they can be slow and dipping your hand in and out of a tub is never a good idea. A powder like Caldesene (€4.30 for 55g – Ashdown Pharmacy) can work well as a preventative but once the rash sets in you need something fast acting that involves as little abrasion as possible. Oisin tried Relizema Relife Spray & Go. Teething, diarrhoea and sweaty running about had all conspired to leave his rear-end angry, blistered and broken. His mum had tried everything. “The first time I used this it worked almost immediately” was the joyous message I got that evening. The zinc oxide creates a barrier, the panthenol promotes healing (used in burns and skin grafts) and the taurine is an amino acid that calms the skin. Unusual to most rash treatments it can be used on broken skin and Oisin’s mum liked how hygienic a spray was, even if it was a little slippery with wet hands.

Antifungals – like Canesten 1% (€7.95 for 20g – Ashdown Pharmacy) are suitable for a candida nappy rash. This is usually a little scalier and more found in the folds of the skin. Talk to your pharmacist if you’re unsure. Here at Ashdown ask for me, Mary, or send me a message, I’m happy to chat about ailments and rashes all day long.

Find the right treatment for you but trust me when I say when you find the right one you’ll cry tears of joy.

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