Ferrograd Folic is an iron and folic acid supplement in the form of prolonged release tablets. Used in the treatment and prevention of anaemia and to prevent anaemia due to a folic acid deficiency.

Ferrograd Folic 30Tabs

  • This medicine contains two active ingredients, dried ferrous sulphate and folic acid. Ferrous sulphate is a form of iron and folic acid is a member of the B group of vitamins. Both iron and folic acid are needed by the body for the formation of red blood cells. If the body does not receive adequate amounts of these nutrients, anaemia can develop.

    This iron and folic acid supplement is designed for use by pregnant women who are at high risk of developing iron and folic acid deficiency during pregnancy. This may include women carrying twins or triplets and women who have had pregnancies close together.

    The supplement will also correct mild iron deficiency anaemia if this has already developed before the supplements are started. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about whether you need to take an iron and folic acid supplement.

    The absorption of iron from the gut is decreased if it is taken at the same time as coffee, tea, eggs or milk. Its absorption is enhanced if it is taken at the same time as foods or supplements containing vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

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