One Nutrition D3-Max Oral Spray is a natural plant-based vitamin D3 spray designed to support the immune system, bone health and muscle function.

  • Natural orange flavour
  • 6 sprays delivers 100mcg of vitamin D3; 180 sprays per bottle
  • Plant-based oral spray suitable for vegans & vegetarians

D3-Max is based on a unique lichen extract, making it one of the few vegan choices of this essential daily vitamin. Known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D3 is made by the skin through a reaction with sunlight. This makes it especially important in northern latitudes with less sunlight.

A simple and tasty way to top up your vitamin D3 levels, D3-Max is best taken under the tongue so the D3 is quickly and effectively absorbed into your bloodstream.

One Nutrition D3-Max Oral Spray - 30ml

  • Environmental Friendly Packaging

    One Nutrition packaging has been created with the environment in mind and is almost 100% recyclable.

    The outer packaging is made from fully recyclable card and the containers are made from recyclable amber glass and recyclable plastic lids. They are also investigating an alternative lid seal.

    About One Nutrition

    The One Nutrition range of organic greens focuses on powerful foods such as spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass and brassicas, providing quality and powerful food sources.

    One Nutrition believe that while maintaining a healthy diet is essential, if you add stress to the equation, our nutritional needs can skyrocket immediately. This is where One Nutrition come to the fore.


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