Sona Babybiotic 8.5ml

Sona Babybiotic 8.5ml


Sona BabyBiotic drops is a food supplement for infants, suitable from birth, containing the Bifidobacterium (BB-12? ) culture. BB-12? is the world?s most documented probiotic Bifidobacterium. It is described in more than 300 scientific publications out of which more than 130 are publications of clinical studies. Dating back to 1987, BB-12? has been tested in clinical trials for more than 25 years1. BB-12? has been tested in clinical trials including subjects from pre-term infants to elderly, and it has been administered in dosages up to 100 billion CFU/day, with documented effect, documented stability, and proven safety.

It is a prerequisite for a probiotic to have documented its beneficial effect on the host in clinical studies, to be alive at the time of ingestion and to be included at a dosage significant enough to confer a beneficial effect on the host. BB-12? has proven its beneficial health effect both within gastrointestinal health/bowel function2 and immune function3 in numerous clinical studies.
Sona BabyBiotic contains active BB-12? , with at least 1 billion colony forming units (cfu) per daily dose at end of shelf life- that have proven safety, tolerability, stability and beneficial effects such as;

- Reduction in frequency of diarrhoea 2, 4
- Fewer respiratory tract infections 3
- Lower frequency of crying/colic/irritability 5
- Reduction in use of antibiotics 5, 6
- Healthy microbiota/gut flora 7
- May enhance the immune response 8
- May alleviate symptoms of skin irritation (atopic eczema) 9

Sona BabyBiotic is clean and simple, with minimal ingredients for a clean and simple product, with no need for refrigeration and documented stability to deliver beneficial effects to your infant or child.
The neutral flavour means there is no unpleasant taste, the drops can be given directly from a spoon, added to water, milk or food (hot or cold). There are no reported side effects and no safety issues reported in any clinical trials. The dropper built into the bottle helps precise dosing facilitating ease of use, with minimal spillage or waste.


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