Our energy levels are dipping and that exercise you told yourself would be good ???

it's leaving you achy and tired…..

It’s heading into the second week of January, our new year’s resolutions are starting to lag, our energy levels are dipping and that exercise you told yourself would be good for you is leaving you achy and tired. Right now it can be hard to keep the momentum up.

Whilst I do believe that taking even a handful of supplements is no substitute for a wide and varied diet, when we are in the throes of the cold and flu season then Oxylent is my “go to” vitamin. This time of year I swap my morning coffee for oxylent and within a short space of time feel a boost.

Surprisingly, the flavours are good and I’ve been popping half a sachet into my son’s lunchbox to add to his water and he loves it. With the return to school comes a lot of coughs, sniffles and bugs.

Some customers buy it as a replenishment after workouts, recovering after illness or even when travelling in the heat.

The easiest way to avoid the flu is to get the flu vaccine. We provide it without appointment in the pharmacy and it really only takes a few minutes. Ring Mary (061 513125) if you have any questions – you may be entitled to it free of charge.

Other important ways to prevent colds and flus are:

· Wash your hands or use Carex alcohol hand gel

· Avoid crowds and sick people (easier said than done).

· Stay warm and dry.

· Stop smoking.

· Exercise regularly.

Having made the mistake, I will say Oxylent is only meant to be mixed with half a glass of water and is not meant to be sipped on all day long. Just get a small glass of water, pour in a packet, mix, and down it and while everyone is getting sick around you, you can thank the combination of antioxidants, amino-acids, electrolytes and bioavailable vitamins and minerals for helping you fight the virus and fatigue.

How much does it cost?

Pricewise it’s middle of the road, not as expensive as Revive Active but not as cheap as Emergen-C. The benefit is comparable to Revive Active (see the table below) but the antioxidant superoxide dismutase and electrolytes are not found in Revive Active. Unfortunately it beats Emergen-C hands down, containing five times the amounts of zinc and vitamin D and Emergen- C has no co-enzyme Q10 or surprisingly vitamin E.

A 30 day box of Oxylent €29.95. At the moment we have oxylent available for €5 off both instore and online by clicking HERE! Call in to Ashdown Pharmacy or email me on where I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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